Ginger Medicinal and amazing benefits


Ginger is a spice. This is the stem of the plant. It is a plant of the genus Zingiberaceae. Its botanical name Zingiber Officinale. Since ancient times, it has been used as spice and medicine.

History of Ginger-

These were mostly found in tropical and temperate tropical parts only. It is mainly native to South Asia. But now due to its quality, it has spread all over the world. And it is grown all over the world by giving favorable conditions to it. Ginger does not contain seeds. Its tubers are cut into small pieces and silted into the ground. And plants are grown. Now in China and India, the world’s most ginger is grown.

Ginger Nutrients-

Nutrients Unit Quantity per 100 grams
Water g 78.89
Energy Kcal 80
Protein g 1.82
Total Lipid (Fat) g 0.75
Carbohydrate g 17.77
Fiber (Total Diet) g 2
Sugar g 1.7
Calcium mg 16
Iron mg 0.6
Magnesium mg 43
Phosphorus mg 34
Potassium mg 415
Sodium mg 13
Zinc mg 0.34
Copper mg 0.226
Manganese mg 0.229
Selenium µg 0.7
vitamin C mg 5
Thiamine mg 0.025
Riboflavin mg 0.034
Niacin mg 0.75
Vitamin B6 mg 0.16
Folate (DFE) µg 11
Vitamin E mg 0.26
Vitamin K µg 0.1
Fatty acid (saturated) g 0.203
Fatty acid (monounsaturated) g 0.154
Fatty acid (polysaturated) g 0.154


Benefits of ginger-

Medicinal properties of cancer prevention in ginger-

A University of Minnesota study found that ginger slows down the formation of colorectal cancer cells. Due to which colon cancer can be prevented to a great extent. And other cancers like – lung, breast, skin, prostate, and pancreatic cancer prevents it from happening. It powder kills ovary cancer cells. Ginger active Yugico helps eliminate cancer cells by displaying anti-cancer properties against the 6-gingerol and 6-shogaol gastrointestinal tract.

Relief of menstrual pain-

It has good quality anti-inflammatory properties. Which is a powerful natural pain reliever. Therefore it can be used to reduce menstrual pain. In menstrual pain, women use ginger powder and capsules made from it.

Useful in the treatment of migraine-

During the migraine, prostaglandin chemicals are secreted in our brains. It inhibits prostaglandin secretion. Ginger tea also proves to be beneficial.

Cough relief-

The heat of ginger is intensely functional. Which kills lung mucus. Being a natural analgesic, it calms throat pain and irritation. Along with this, it proves helpful in cold, cough, cold.

Beneficial for heart-

The high amount of potassium found in ginger is very beneficial for heart health. And a good amount of manganese present in it protects the heart, blood vessels and urinary tract. It reduces the amount of cholesterol. Regulates blood pressure. And also prevents blood clotting. Due to which the chances of getting various heart diseases are cleared.

Control diabetes-

Recently there was a research in which some patients with diabetes were divided into two groups. And treated a group in general. But the second group was given 1.6 grams to 4 grams of ginger powder daily for three months. The analysis found that there was no decline in the level of fasting sugar of the group consuming ginger powder but a 0.46 drop in HbAlc level was observed. And blood sugar declined by 14 mg/di.

Helps in preventing the flu-

It has anti-viral, anti-toxin anti-fungal properties that act against the infection of the flu. Simultaneously by controlling the body temperature by excluding body heat and emitting sweat, it gives relief from mild fever.

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