Broccoli rich in nutrients and health

Broccoli rich in nutrients


Broccoli is a member of the brassica family. Which includes cabbage and cauliflower. It grows as a green flower. It is known for its taste and nutritious diet. Its flowers and stalks are eaten. It is eaten as salads, fries, soups and curries. Its leaves are bitter. It is found in the market for twelve months.

History of Broccoli-

It is native to the eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor. Sprouts it was cultivated in Italy in ancient Roman times. And in the 1700s, people in England and America also expanded it. Similarly, broccoli is making its mark all over the world.

Types of Broccoli

• Calabrese Broccoli
• Broccoli Reb
• Brocoflowers
• Sprouted Broccoli
• Gay-Brokley
• Purple Colflower

Type of Broccoli in detail-

1. Kelabrese Broccoli-
This species of broccoli is named after the famous Italian city of Calabria. Its upper part is dark green in color. It is grown on cold days or in cool places.
2. Broccoli Reb-
Brokley Reb is also known as Brokley Rob. It is leafy like spinach.
3. Brocoflowers
It looks less like broccoli and more like cauliflower. It also tastes somewhat like cauliflower.
4. Sprouted Broccoli
Its upper part is elongated and has many stalks.
5. Gaye-Brokley
It is also known as Chinese Broccoli. It is long and leafy and more nutritious than normal broccoli.
6. Purple Colflower
Purple broccoli is also a type of broccoli. It is purple in color. It is used more in America and Europe.

Nutrients found in a cup or 158 grams-

vitamin K-------------220.12 mcg

vitamin C-------------101.24 mg

chromium------------18.55 mcg

folate-------------------168.48 mcg

pantothenic acid-----0.96 mg

fiber---------------------5.15 g

vitamin B6-------------0.31 mg

vitamin E---------------2.26 mg (ATE)

phosphorus-----------104.52 mg

choline------------------62.56 mg

vitamin B2-------------0.19 mg

vitamin A---------------120.74 mcg RAE

manganese------------0.30 mg

copper-------------------0.10 mg

potassium--------------457.08 mg

vitamin B1--------------0.10 mg

omega-3 fats-----------0.19 g

magnesium-------------32.76 mg

protein--------------------3.71 g

zinc-------------------------0.70 mg

calcium--------------------62.40 mg

iron-------------------------1.05 mg

vitamin B3----------------0.86 mg

selenium------------------2.50 mcg

Benefits of Broccoli-

Beneficial for the brain -
It is full of vitamin K. Which increases creative work and brain power. Vitamin B found in it improves mental endurance and remembering ability. It contains high amounts of colin. Which is important in the development of brain cells as well as neural connexions. And is required for good memory and cognitive function. Colin prevents neural tube defects even in newborns.
Medicinal properties for heart health-
The potassium vitamin C carotenoids and anti-oxidants present in it improve the blood pumping capacity of arteries. And at the same time reduces heart damage due to lack of oxygen and provides high levels of healthy heart chemicals during oxygen deprivation. Research by the National Heart and Lung Institution at Imperial College, London, suggests that it has found some ingredients that block the arteries that cause heart attacks by promoting natural defense mechanisms.
Make skin young-
Antioxidant in it, vitamin C beta-carotene and vitamin E by fighting free radicals. Fine prevent the signs of premature aging of lines, wrinkles and skin spots. It helps you maintain your youth. It also acts as a natural sunscreen.
Beneficial for the eyes-
It contains good amounts of beta-carotene and vitamin A. This is a very important element for the eyes. It contains carotenoids, lutein and xanthine found in significant concentrations, which is important in making the eyes healthy. Vitamin A plays an important role in making the retina.
Useful for hair-
It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and calcium. Which increases hair growth and makes hair healthy, strong and smooth. By which all types of hair problems are removed. When the body gets vitamins A, C, B6, an oil-like substance called vitamin sebum is secreted by hair follicles. Sebum acts as a natural moisturizer and conditioner for our head and hair. And our hair is not dry and freezing.
Help in reducing weight-
it is a low-fat non-calorie vegetable. And it has high fiber and water content. It does not cause hunger quickly. But there are potassium, magnesium and manganese which keep the immune system and body healthy. By consuming it, you can lose weight easily.
Beneficial in allergy-
One research has found that eating broccoli for only three days can increase up to 200% of the production of proteins that produce antioxidants in the nose cells.According to other studies, sulfured, air way, and quercetin and kaempferol, polyphenols, are the main anti-allergic drug that contains pie.
Lower cholesterol-
It contains soluble fiber. Which causes cholesterol to exit the body. Because fiber binds with bile acids in the digestive system.

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